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Alles Paletti 1985 >>> DOWNLOAD

Alles Paletti 1985 >>> DOWNLOAD

. . . Category:1985 films Category:1980s drama films Category:German drama films Category:West German films Category:Yugoslav films Category:German-language films Category:Films based on German novels Category:Films set in Vienna Category:German television films Category:German films Category:Yugoslav television films Category:1980s television miniseries Category:German-language television programs Category:Films set in SerbiaInterfaces, the arts and end-of-life October 12, 2015 | Classical has a rich history. Moving from my seat, I could hear the chime of the entrance door. The ring of a cane upon marble, and the sound of a friend. The rattle of a walking stick as the distinguished gentleman on the left and the stately woman on the right walked in. These people’s ages were written in their walk. We greeted each other and chatted for a few moments, but moved into the front gallery where the more recent works of the artist were on display. My friend’s cane clicked across the floor and he was soon seated next to me. At this point, we had not yet seen “A Lullaby,” but I noted him wince as he saw the large, beautiful painting of a woman and her child. The color was vivid, the composition graphic. I listened to the conversation but watched as the man looked around the room for a few moments before speaking. His eyes were green. Not the ubiquitous mid-color of the human eye, but a deep, glowing color. As he opened his mouth, his lower jaw worked in an odd, half-suck/half-swallow motion. His voice was low, almost a whisper, but strong. “It’s the ending,” he said. Suddenly, and without warning, I was in a room of people with various mental or physical disabilities. I was deaf, mute, blind, and suddenly, I was aware of myself, and my own place in the world. The difference, however, is that I hadn’t been there when that happened. I didn’t know what to do, what to say, what to do to make it right. I once believed that I couldn’t count on my phone to alert me to a loved one’


Paletti alla tavola - Alles Paletti

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