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Unboxing and Setup
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  • Where can I find the compatible app to load media onto my frame?
    Sacn the QR code on the outside of your frame packaging ( it is also shows up as part of the setup process) if QR codes are not your thing, here are links: Android: App Store:
  • Wifi setup: can i take my frame offline after the pictures have been loaded?
    Select the Setting Gear Icon>wirless settings. Toggle the wifi switch to connet or disconect the frame. the media which has already been imported will stay saved on your local storage.
  • What is the physical foot print?
    The RWF 108 is W10.51 x H6.81 x 1.57 inches thick. The RCF 106 is W13.05 x H9.15 x 2.7 inches thick
  • How to choose/change the frame language?
    Choose the setting / gear icon>Frame settings>Language
  • Does my picture frame have a battery? and approximatly how long does the battery hold?
    The RWF 108 model does have an installed lithum iron battery. and is expected to hold for approximatly 4 hours after a full charge. The RCF 106 model does not have a battery and runs on the included power supply wire.
  • Can my Friends and Family send pictures and videos to my frame?
    Yes. you can share youre frames QR code or frame ID to bind your frame to multiple apps on differnet devices so they can share pictures and videos fromanywhere in the world via Wifi.
  • Can I send Pictures and Videos to my frame via Email?
    The current version does not support an import via imal. however it is in the works and it will be included in the firmwareupdates, to be released soon.
  • What is the internal/external storage space?
    Bothe the RCF 106 and RWF 108 models include a 16GB internal storage. while the recomended added SD card storage is up to 32GB. we successfully used the frame with a 128GB SD card and it worked just fine.
  • Do the pictures auto rotate when fliping the frame.
    They do not. the user can touch the rotate icon to change the configuration.

Kodak RWF 108


Kodak RCF 106

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